Not every person is capable of being successful in the stunt business and truth be known, not many people in the industry can claim such an extensive pedigree in stunt performing as Harry Dakanalis. At the age of 13 he was apprenticed to become a Stunt Coordinator, and from the outset he discovered it takes a tremendous amount of training, courage and ambition to be successful in this field. With unwavering enthusiasm and ongoing discipline Harry has become one of Australia's premier Stunt Coordinators.

During his apprenticeship years, he was encouraged to pursue activities which would enhance his knowledge and understanding of the physicality of stunts. The key disciplines of professional fighting and precision driving inform much of his work today. His fighting gave him an understanding of the dynamics of human movement, and this, together with his comprehensive understanding of the camera, makes Harry a highly sought after Fight Choroegrapher. When it comes to precision driving, one only has to look at the number of first-class television commercial credits he has accumulated. Harry is regarded as the go-to precision driver for many high-end brands sold in this region.

Part of the second generation of stunt coordinators in this country, Harry trained to not only be a professional in the execution of his own work, but also in the coordination and management of stunt performance. A strong believer in getting things right at the front-end in order to minimise the the need for post prooduction, Harry prides himself on a faultless record of being able to fit the live-action seamlessly to any post effects required.

When it comes to features, Harry has developed a proud portfolio of award winning independent films. He thoroughly enjoys collaborating on these interesting and worthwhile projects which give him greater scope to flex his creative desires.

No Stunt Coordinator is an island. Harry Dakanalis is backed up by a team of first class stunt performers and riggers. His core team have been working with him for more than 20 years and have developed an intuitive work relationship which enables them to conquer many difficult situations. But the best of the best in any field are always looking for ways to enhance their performance and professionalism. Harry works long hours for the sake of 'improving the shot'. As a successful businessman with an understanding of making it happen within budget constraints, he has a good sense of responsibility in creating a safe working environment, and ultimately achieving a positive outcome by getting the most spectacular effect possible.